15 Beauty Hacks Most People Haven’t Heard Of Before – Looking Good Has Never Been So Easy

Of course, we all want to look our best. Part of that comes from taking care of ourselves, and another part comes from cosmetic help. But looking your best doesn’t always mean putting on a bunch of makeup. Sometimes its the little things that make all the difference in the world. Here are 15 beauty hacks you’ll wish you had found out sooner. Sea Salt In Your Hair Greasy hair is THE WORST, but you don’t have to worry anymore. Add 2-3 teaspoons of sea salt to your shampoo and shake. soldes coque iphone Now your roots can stay clean longer. coque iphone soldes DIY Eyelash Enhancer Keep your old mascara bottles, and make your own eyelash enhancing serum. coque iphone soldes Mix together 1 part aloe, 1 part castor oil, and 2 parts vitamin E. Put it on every night before you go to bed, and within a month you will notice your eyelashes growing thicker. Erase Circles Under Your Eyes Keep your coffee grounds and use them on your eyes. Mix 1 part grounds and 1 part coconut oil, then gently rub onto the skin. Leave for about 15 minutes, and do this routine 3-4 times a week. DIY Anti-Cellulite Wrap If you are going to do a wrap, use caution: this practice can come with unforeseen health risks. But if you are dying to try it, mix together 2 tbsp ground ginger, 5 tbsp cosmetic clay, and 10 tbsp warm water. Apply the mixture to your skin, then wrap the area in plastic. Leave it on for an hour, then unwrap yourself and shower off. Sugar Scrub For Leg Hair Sugar makes a great natural exfoliant and doesn’t irritate the skin like a waxing treatment does. Mix 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 cups sugar, and 1/4 cup water into a bowl. Heat it over low heat until it all melts together; it should look golden. Let it cool and apply to the skin. Then sharply remove and rinse. Nail Strengthener If your nails could use a little love, try this DIY tincture to make them stronger and more beautiful. Mix equal parts of coconut oil and honey, then add a few drops of lavender. Pour it into a nail polish bottle, and brush it onto your nails. Blackheads Begone This mask will take care of those pesky blackheads. Mix together 1 tsp warm water, 1 tsp honey, and 1 tbsp flour. Dip a cloth into the solution, then apply it to your skin. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.. coque iphone xr Ground Potato Compress If the skin on your armpits is too dark, lighten it with potatoes. Grind the potato into a compress, then place it on your skin for about an hour. Your armpits will be beautiful. Soothe Your Sunburn When we get sunburnt, the pain actually comes from the skin being dehydrated. Rehydrating your skin will soothe the burn, and may even prevent you from peeling. Aloe vera is THE BEST solution when it comes to sunburns. Soften Your Heels If you walk around a lot, you are likely to have calloused feet. Soak your feet to soften them. Mix together 2 cups warm water, 1 cup vinegar, and 1/2 cup baking soda. Soak your feet for about 20 minutes, then dry with a towel and rehydrate. Activated Charcoal Mask Yes, you can make your own activated charcoal mask. Mix 2 tbsp activated charcoal with 1.5 tbsp agar powder. Dissolve them in hot water until the solution turns jelly-like. coque iphone en ligne Then apply to your face for about 30 minutes. coque iphone Strawberries To Whiten Teeth Strawberries are naturally acidic, which makes them great at whitening teeth. Just use caution: natural teeth whitening treatments can be hard on your teeth. If you feel sensitivity stop and consider speaking to a dentist. To whiten your teeth mix 1 tsp grated strawberries with 1 tsp baking soda, then use as a substitute for your toothpaste about twice a month. Freshening Facial Spray This spray will make you look and feel fresh, even after a long day. Mix together 1 part aloe gel and 3 parts purified water. Pour into a spray bottle, and give yourself a spray as often as you want. Great Smelling Hair If you want your hair to smell amazing, there are a few ways to do it. The first is to buy a strongly scented shampoo. Another way is to spray perfume onto your hairbrush and brush your hair a few times. This might be too much for people with thin hair, but if your hair is thicker give it a try. Firmer B**bies We all want our breasts to stay firm forever. Drooping can come from malnourished skin, so keep your skin hydrated if you want firmer boobies. Rub Vaseline on every night before bed, and you will notice that your breasts are firmer and the skin is more elastic after just two weeks. We put a lot into our beauty routines because we want to look and feel our best. If you want to step up your beauty game, give these hacks a try. Share your favorite one in the comments below.

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