The FIFA World Cup 2018 has been a hell of a ride. As you know the World Cup was held in Russia this year. Many passionate football fans, flew to Russia to watch the players in action. The die-hard fans of football from all over the world have been following every detail of the Fifa World Cup. But as interesting a season it was, there was also something else very interesting about this year’s World Cup. The beautiful faces which were caught on camera during the match and people are going crazy about them. If in case you missed any, we have a list compiled for you.

1. This beautiful Korean girl cheering for her favourite team has attracted many audience’s attention.

2. Have you seen any pout more perfect than this? This Polish girl, wearing a red lipstick was caught on camera during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

3. She is a traditional beauty from Poland.

4. Her green eyes are to die for. The camera was constantly showing her in the audience whenever they got a chance.

5. Looks like Iceland has some really beautiful women. She showed her support for her favourite team by drawing a flag on her face.

6. She caught our attention at ‘Denmark vs France’ match. Needless to say, she was the most attractive one.

7. Another beautiful woman who came to support England in FIFA World Cup 2018 at the stadium.

8. The girl with the most beautiful eyes and pretty face. The audience went crazy for her when they saw her on TV.

9. This beauty from Russia was caught on camera cheering for her team.

10. Italian beauty with the perfect facial features. She is a treat to eyes.

11. With that hat, she looks even cuter.

12. She looks so beautiful even without makeup. You must be thanking the photographer for this one.

13. Another girl from Russia. I wonder If that glow on her face is natural. If so, I want to know what she does for such a healthy skin.

14. Where should I start from? She has the perfect everything. But that perfectly structured set of teeth makes her smile more beautiful.

15. This fangirl is blessed with such a beautiful jawline. This World Cup had some serious visuals to offer.


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