14 Simple Ways Women Can Make Men Go Crazy

Women possess a certain magical power that can cast a spell over a man with nothing more than a glance. coque iphone pas cher Most men will fall for a girl without even realizing it and the next thing they know they are eating out of the palm of her hand. coque iphone 8 Women harness a very instinctual energy to captivate and intrigue men. Most of the time we don’t even realize we are doing it, we are just acting what we think is normal, but we are actually driving men crazy. Here are some of the simple ways that women drive men crazy. Be Yourself It sounds like a cheesy self-help style comment. But it is one of the most basic things a woman does that can make a man fall head over heels. Embrace who you are as yourself. coque iphone 6 All of your silliness and quirks. Your authenticity is going to be what makes your stand out from the rest. Respect Yourself This means you should have more love for yourself then you do for anything else. Taking care of yourself, making decisions about who you are that honor and respect you as a woman and person is going to be incredibly sexy to someone who wants to love and respect you. When You Bury Your Head In His Chest Men love to feel like they can take care of and protect you from any hurts of the world. coque iphone 8 When you lay on them with your head buried into their chest, you give them that sense of protection and comfort that makes them feel as if they will be able to be a good provider. Be Spontaneous Don’t overthink things too much. If you want to pick up a pizza and head over to his house, do it. He will be extremely happy to see your smiling face, a delicious pizza and some great company. Men aren’t as afraid of “reading the signs” as women are, they just appreciate a fun and happy girl. Be Accepting A guy will go absolutely crazy over you if you show him that you love and accept him exactly as he is. He is human and needs the reassurance in who he is just as much as you do. Don’t be critical or have unrealistic expectations, be accepting of your man and watch your love grow. Open Up To Him If you want him to put his guard down, you need to be able to open up yourself to him as well. Don’t have a bunch of walls up, or be skeptical of any of his emotions. It’s not easy to love someone, so having an open heart that is willing to love and be loved is a necessary thing. Holding His Hand During A Long Drive Men are not just creatures of sexual attraction. coque iphone They actually feed off of reassurance when they are in a relationship. So giving your guy subtle hints of loving reassurance like holding his hand while you two are going for a long drive, makes him feel reassured in his love. Showing Love Through Social Media Maybe he isn’t the best with making posts about the two of you on his social media accounts. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t really appreciate it when you do it. Your public declarations make him feel loved and secure. He likes when you show off the relationship you both have. Call Him While You Are With Your Friends He knows that you are out having fun with your friends, but checking in with him during those times remind him that he is always on your mind in any situation. These little reminders are super special to him, even if he doesn’t feel the need to be together all of the time. Be Confident Confidence is one of the sexiest qualities that a person can possess. It doesn’t matter what exactly you look like, if you have confidence in yourself, you can attract anyone you see. A guy will find a woman with confidence as one of the most attractive things that she can cultivate. Take Charge Men often have to take charge in so many ways in their life, with work or whatever else they have going on. When a woman decides to take the lead in the bedroom, guys find it wildly fun and exciting. soldes coque iphone 2019 As a woman, have sexual confidence and take sexual matters into your own hands. Pay Attention To Him When you two are out in public together, use subtle interactions to show him that you are always paying attention to him. Twirl his hair, touch his arm when you are talking, stroke the back of his neck. A guy will love that his attention is always yours and you two have that physical reaffirmation. Be Busy You are yours own person and should have your own life. You don’t need to sit around waiting all day for your man to come home or make a decision about what to do at night. Have your own busy life, full of fun and passionate things. It will make your time together more personal. Be Supportive Even if his dreams aren’t exactly what you hoped they would be, or don’t fit into your own idea of a passion. Be supportive of who he is and what he loves. He will appreciate you and love that you have his back regardless of what he wants to do. Be A Good Communicator He might not be the best at communicating his feelings and emotions, but he definitely appreciates it when you do. Make sure to keep an open flow of communication and understanding between you two. He will learn how to be better at communicating and your relationship will be stronger.

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