13 Reasons Why It’s Hard For Empaths To Find Love


Being with an empath isn’t easy. It can be quite the challenge for most people.

Sure, empaths are some of the most amazing individuals to be with, but they do not like playing games and casually flirt as most people do. There’s no in-between when it comes to loving an empath. You can either handle the situation or you simply can’t.


Here are 13 reasons why empaths struggle to find love:

1. They are intense.


Being with an empath is similar to jumping off of a tall building but never hitting the ground. Some like this feeling and others cannot stand it. Empaths form deep connections with everybody and everything around them, and that’s difficult for most.


2. They are often misunderstood.


Many people can’t understand what comes with being with an empath. Empaths are more complicated than others like to give them credit for. You can get to know them well, but there will always be parts of them you just can’t get.


3. They know exactly what they want.


Empaths aren’t in this for a fling. They need somebody who will be there for them through the hard times. If you don’t want that, they won’t stick around.


4. They ask many questions.


Empaths need to be clear about everything. So, if they want to ask you something they will do so. You can expect to feel interrogated most of the times, but they do not mean anything by it.


5. They’re a bit too honest.


Empaths don’t sugar coat things. They’re not the kind of people who will tell you what you want to hear. Many people just cannot deal with facing the truth.


6. They need emotional satisfaction.


Empaths need to be pleased physically and emotionally. They just can’t have the one and not the other. It simply doesn’t work for them that way.


7. They need their independence.


You can’t cage an Empath. Even trying to do so will just drive them away from you. They can’t be put into a cage and paraded around town.


8. They sometimes take things a bit too personally.


Empaths feel everything on a much deeper level than most of us. Even the smallest thing can be great to them. Just because you don’t believe you have to apologize does not mean you shouldn’t.


9. They don’t like short-term relationships.


Empaths don’t go for relationships that are not going to last. They want somebody who will be there for them through the good and the bad in life. It’s long-term or not at all.


10. They value reliability more than anything.


If you are wishy-washy, you may as well not even try. Empaths need stability in their lives. They aren’t going to go for somebody who shows up late for dates and doesn’t answer their calls.


11. They can see the best and the worst in other people.


Because they see the best and the worst in other people, empaths might be hard to read. Sometimes they think they’re going to do one thing just to see something completely different workout. They aren’t someone you can control, and they are definitely not someone who will stay away from someone in whom they see some good, even if it’s someone with a bad reputation.


12. They love deeply.


Empaths love harder than anybody else. They give their all, and they expect the same in return. If you love an empath, then you’re in for something amazing. Most people do not realize what they have until it’s gone.


13. They internalize others’ problems.


Empaths have a desire to help, heal and teach, and notably, it often becomes a barrier in their relationships. Being a partner isn’t being a parent. They need to understand they are meant to be somebody’s equal, not somebody’s savior.

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