12 Reasons Why You Missed Your Periods

Girls have this tendency to think they are pregnant right after they have missed their periods. Well, if you were trying then it’s a great feeling but if you are not even close then the nightmare hits you. Not to worry girls, your missed period could be a result of many other things. There are 100 of reasons behind this. That’s why stop worrying and keep reading.

1. Strikeout pregnancy

It’s easy to think that you are pregnant before your menstruation cycle as most of your PMS are similar to pre-pregnancy symptoms. So, if you are really anxious then it’s best to take a home pregnancy test and be sure. Don’t worry about your missed periods, pregnancy is just one of the reasons behind this.

2. Stress

Stress can affect your body in the worst possible way. It makes you gain weight, causes a headache etc. If you are stressed then your body produces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. It forces the brain to shut down the unnecessary events. Hence, your reproductive part stops and you miss your period. So, stress is one of the reasons behind missed periods.

3. Illness

This is one of the reasons that make you miss your period. The illness affects your body and your body prioritize the main functions. Hence, missed periods. If you are sick during the menstruation cycle then it will come back once you are fine.

4. Weight

Ever heard of BMI? Well, a perfect BMI is a way to regular periods. Weight can be one of the reasons if you missed your menstruation. Being underweight causes low estrogen and hence no uterus lining and no period. Similarly, being overweight ruptures the entire process as there’s too much of estrogen.

5. Too much exercise

Too much of anything is dangerous. Too much workout is one of the reasons behind this. When your body goes through too much exercise, the estrogen levels dip. This is the reason some professionals go through amenorrhea. Continue exercise without any intake of calories is harmful. So, gain weight if you need to.

6. Change

Change in the schedule is a significant one among the other reasons. Sudden changes actually play with your body clock and the result is missed periods. Though it’s will get normal once your body becomes used-to to this change.

7. Breastfeeding

This is again one of the reasons behind missed periods. As prolactin is at work, you may not see your periods for quite some time. There’s nothing to worry as it will be back after you stop breastfeeding.

8. Medication

If you are under birth control pills then you are going to face missed periods. As this medicines stop the ovulation process you miss your period. If you still see blood then it’s the withdrawal blood that happens because of these placebo pills. As this is one of the main reasons behind no periods, consult a doctor before taking the medicines.

9. Hormonal imbalance

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the reasons if you missed your period. Under this condition, the female sex hormones are out of balance. This results in cysts etc and this hampers your regular periods. If you see the symptoms then don’t forget to visit your doctor.

10. Thyroid

Your thyroid glands are also a factor behind missed periods. This is one of the reasons that has many symptoms. A high thyroid activity will cause less period and a low one will cause less frequent but heavier flow.

11. Perimenopause

Though the average age of menopause is 51, many women start having irregular periods from some years before reaching this age. Menopause is a condition where there is a low production of estrogen and hence, missed periods.

12. Other reasons

These are some of the main factors behind missed periods. There are other reasons too. Don’t get all sweaty if you miss your period. Have patience and if it doesn’t help then seek help.

Missed your periods? Be careful.

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