Relationships are beautiful. You have a companion to share your life with, the one you can celebrate all your happiness with and expect a shoulder to cry on when you feel really low. But, it is also full of myths just like other aspects of life and some of these myths are really awkward.

Check out our list of 13 myths about intimate relations that will make you think again!
1. A baby can solve all the issues

Having a baby is a wonderful decision. The feeling of having your own child cannot be explained. But it should not be considered as a method of solving all the issues. It can lead to stress for your partner.

2. A good relationship has to keep you happy

You would have heard a lot of people saying that a good relationship should keep people involved really happy, but having mood changes is quite normal in human behavior. So it’s a myth.

3. There should be a fixed number of times to make out in a time interval

This does not make any sense, because the making out sessions totally depends upon the partners and their mutual understanding.

4. The partner has to agree with your definition of being intimate

This dominance is a completely false concept because people have their own meanings for being intimate. The partners should be free to make choices.

5. Once committed, you cannot like someone else

There is nothing wrong in liking someone for their qualities, even if you’re already in a relationship, as long as you’re not hurting the one you’re committed with. It’s normal for a human to like another human.

6. It is important to have a physical attraction for a relationship

It is actually nice to have a physical attraction to your partner, but what is more important, is the mental and emotional bond that you two share with each other because it counts more in the long run.

7.No conflicts

This is pretty much impossible to agree to that there will be no conflicts in a perfect relationship. It is certain that there will be times when you two don’t really come to the same point of negotiation, so there will be conflicts.

8. The spoon position is a must

Well, the good intimate relations is not defined by the position you tend to sleep in. It’s all about your comfort, so you two can sleep in a position you want to.

9.No bed if you’re angry

Some fights take time. Some situations require time to settle down and come to a better phase, so it’s not always important to solve all your fights before going to bed.

10.Making out, daily

It is not a daily necessity. It is generally situational and it is awkward to imagine yourself preparing to make out as if it’s a burden of staying in intimate relations.

11.No secrecy

It is good to discuss your problems with your partners, but sometimes, it is better to keep the tea from spilling as that can cause bigger issues that might lead to you two calling it quits.

12. Men prefer making out more them women

Believe us, it is not true. Men are s3xual, but women are also humans and even they have desires and needs, although it differs from people to people, so it is not correct to say that it’s always the men who are more excited.



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