12 Lies Girls Tell Their Boyfriends And Don’t Even Get Caught.

Do you girls tell lies to your boyfriend? I’m sure you do. Relationships nowadays are based on lies which are why girls tell lies. Here are a couple of lies girls tell their boyfriends without getting caught.First of all, because all boyfriends are dumb. Secondly, girls know the tricks to get out of such lies situations.Check these points whether you relate to these or not. And boys take notes because they’re going to help you quite a lot in your relationship.

1. I’m almost ready



Bruh, I just took shower and I’m going to take straight 3 hours to get my hair and makeup done. IDC.


2. I’m just tired

It’s not physical tiredness. Actually, I’m tired of your fu*cking lazy a**. Go f*ck yourself.


3. It was on sale


Well, honey, women has the power to spend more than $1000 on sale as well. Sale is kind of a green signal for shopping.


4. I was doing my makeup/hair


I was pooping but I’m just going to pretend like I’m the queen of beauty and I poop flowers.


5. And, I’m not jealous


Sweetie, watch every move of yours because the worst time of your life has started because I’m going to track all of your steps. You better watch it.


6. I’m not hungry

This is a lie girls actually tell their-selves in order to stop themselves from eating. But lack of self-control makes them eat their boyfriend’s starters and half of their mains.


7. I was just kidding


Well, back then I was quite drunk and I can’t figure out a way to get out of this mess, therefore, I’m going to use this as an excuse.


8. I’m not mad


Baby, I’m actually quite mad. But I’m not going to tell you why. Because I want you to figure this out yourself.


9. Also, He’s just a friend


First of all, a guy who’s all over me can’t be my friend. He is just an option in case you dare to leave me.


10. I’m on my period


I’m just not in the mood to satisfy your wild needs due to which I have to use periods as an excuse.


11. You’re the biggest I have even been with


Sweetie, no girl gets impressed by 5.5. But I’m just saying this because I don’t want your sh*tty a** to cry out right now.


12. Also, I only use my fingers

Some girl said might do it by fingers but most women don’t use fingers. She might introduce you to her tools when she’ll get comfortable with you.

Boyfriends need to be more careful 😉

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