12 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Girls Choose Bad Boys Over Nice Guys

Girls choose bad boys over nice guys because of certain reasons. If you’re a nice guy and wants a girl to like you then change the following things you have in yourself. So, let’s get into the 12 brutally honest reasons why girls choose bad boys over nice guys.

1. Nice guys’ personalities don’t seem genuine

In this cruel and ignorant world, people are not used to kind behavior which makes nice guys bit different from the rest. Their unusual conduct becomes one of the reasons because of which girls find them unattractive.

2. Nice guys don’t have self-respect

Nice guys sacrifice their self-respect in order to earn girls’ hearts. But this is where they get it wrong. No one values a person who doesn’t value himself. Bad boys always prioritize their self-respect over girls which bring them upright and makes girls choose them.

3. They’re so predictable, which is boring!

Nice guys always keep it sweet and simple which is a reason of their boring personality while bad boys are totally unpredictable. You can expect anything from them which makes life adventurous and relationship alive.

4. Loving a bad boy is in our genes

We, as humans have a habit of challenging ourselves by aiming things that seem difficult to be earned. Bad boys are not easy to put a hand on which make them irresistible. Boys become a target and love becomes a game due to which girls choose to surrender to love.

5. Women like to feel needed

Girls have this thing of making bad boys a better person to make the chances of them hurting girls lessen. When guys obey their girl with sincerity, it becomes a reason which makes them feel wanted and loved because guys never tend to change themselves for the one they don’t give a fu*ck about.

6. Nice guys seem weak

Nice guys never throw themselves in fights because of the fear of them losing which rolls into a reason to turn girls off while bad boys are always ready for smashing people due to their confidence in themselves. Girls fancy boys with attitude and confidence.

7. Nice guys are into commitment

Values and courtesy don’t allow nice guys to step out of their shell. They consider commitment the principle of relationships which makes girls choose bad boys who just want to have fun and move on. Commitment and nice guys cause great trouble for people who don’t wish to get into emotions.

8. Some women have low self-esteem

Nice guys know the art of respecting people more than they deserve which make people feel uncomfortable around them. Bad boys keep it real and stay honest to girls about their opinions and preferences giving them a positive point.

9. S3x isn’t just as mind-blowing

Bad boys being the s3x gurus know the art of satisfying their women as they want the opposite to which nice guys are not really fine and adventurous in bed and becomes a reason for turn off for women.

10. Bad boys are totally s3xy

Bad boys are blessed with good looks and bad-ass attitude that makes them undeniably s3xy. Those who don’t have incredible features hide them by money because looks or money is something girls can’t simply resist.

11. Nice guys aren’t as charming

Due to their gentleness and strict values, they part themselves from the mean world. They don’t make effort to impress people or roll in parties to own the label of “cool guy’ which is not acceptable for girls and they end up to be boring nerds.

12. Nice guys aren’t as strong physically

Furthermore, nice guys are not fitness freaks like bad boys which are the reason why they become the prey of cool guys around them. Girls desire boys to protect them from people. But if the guy will get beaten up himself, how is he gonna protect her girl?


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