There are so many iconic movies in the world and one must have thought at least once, about how amazing it would be to witness the shooting of those. Well, the things we see are completely different from what actually happens on the sets. If you see the actors behind the scenes, you would find a completely different person than what they are playing. After all, that’s what actors are supposed to do. Well, witnessing shooting is a big thing and your fortune might bring it or might not. That is the reason why a virtual tour of 12 surprising behind the scenes images from our favourite movies are offered by us, right here:

1. Playing enemies for life with a good old friend must be very difficult, right? Not for them.

2. I wonder what he might be searching on that laptop. Himself, maybe.

3. Most of the scenes of superhero movies are shot in front of the green screen. This is one of the most shocking behind the scenes images. Just look at the change.

4. Who said that the king of Sparta cannot chat with fellow persians? If it was in the movie, it would break the character but it is alright if it’s before the scene.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio can do anything and it includes testing his directing skills after completing the shooting. We would never know if he is good at it.

6. This is the legendary lion who was the mascot for the film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This is how it was shot.


7. You don’t need to go to the sea to shoot a sea scene. Not always.

8. Everybody needs breaks between takes. Behind the scenes, even aliens deserve rest.

9. Dr. Hannibal Lecter enjoying his fries is one of the strangest behind the scenes photos of all time.

10. Wearing a mask in the heat is difficult. Heath Ledger opts to take it off.

11. Acting like you love the new friend of yours is awkward. Specially if it is a stuffed blue hippo.

12. Proof that Jack would have fit in there easily. At the same time, this shows how one behind the scenes photo can derail the logic of the film.


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