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12 Adorable Pictures Of The Irish President And His Gorgeous Dogs Who Refuse to Separate From Him At All Occasions

Irish President, Michael D. Higgins, is one of the most loved and endorsed politicians who won his second term election with 822,566 first preference votes.

Although there are many reasons to like him, his two adorable dogs Bród and Síoda (meaning Shadow), play an important role in gaining the people’s favorable attitudes.

The President’s two Bernese mountain dogs are inseparable from their human companion, and Higgins himself makes sure that they can always be by his side. The photos and videos that follow illustrate the strong bond between them:

1. Here, Bród interrupts an event with the Royals to ask for a belly rub From Higgins.

2. Interrupting speeches is a common phenomenon, accepted by all.

3. The pups are eager to accompany the President in every meeting.

4. Bród and Síoda enjoy always being close to Higgins.


5. They always have to appear in the photos

6. Meeting the royals I: Meghan & Harry

7. Meeting the royals II: Kate & William

8. Don’t care about appearances

9. Standing by their human in every speech

10. Always up for a walk outdoors

11. Getting all the attention from the girls

12. Of course, always take part in the family photoshoots

Article Source:Thinking Humanity

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