11 Babies Who Are World-Famous Celebrities Lookalikes (11 Pics)

In majority of situations babies resemble their parents. But, there are some babies out there who look just like world-famous celebrities and it is easy to notice the strange similarity. Take a look at some of these cutest babies who resemble entertainers and actors who are globally known!

The baby with royal lineage.


This one looks very similar to John Legend, the Grammy award winner.


This baby is so much relatable to Gordon Ramsay.


The baby which looks like Kevin from The Office.


Jamie Oliver’s baby girl.


The baby lookalike of Vin Diesel.


It’s Jay Z, it’s Jay Z! Or is it?


The mother of this baby must have been huge fan of Danny DeVito!


The little Mrs. Doubtfire! She’s really cute.


The little baby Gandalf!


The 2-yr old baby who looks exactly like Ed Shereen.



Images source: 9unknownfacts.com

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