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10 Uncensored Photos Of Drunks In Japan Show The Nasty Side Of Alcohol

Alcohol commercials tend to focus on the good times while drinking and the image of a confident and fun person who’s doing it. But what they don’t like you to see is what happens after you take a couple drinks too many. That’s what British photographer, Lee Chapman, decided to capture in the streets of Tokyo on the next morning after the party.

Lee Arrived in Tokyo back in 1998 for “a year or two” and stayed ever since. During that time he’s created the Tokyo Times and got to know Japan’s biggest city pretty well, allowing him to capture many of its layers.

By no stretch, we mean that this is a Japanese-specific problem, as many of you have probably witnessed cases of excessive drinking throughout the world. And while there is no simple solution to addictions like these, a series like this can work as a good deterrent from experiencing this first-hand.

More info: Lee Chapman | instagram (h/t)
Image source: Lee Chapman



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