10 things that your body does and you do not know what they are for

10. Hipo

This is a sound caused by an alteration or irritation in the diaphragm, same happens when we eat very fast, we exceed the consumption of alcohol or breathe through the mouth or nose accelerated, which means that when your body makes this sound is telling you HIGH.

9. Yawning

According to various studies, a research done by Princeton University, when our body is tired, hungry, bored or too stressed, one of its primary reactions is to yawn, as this helps to oxygenate and cool the brain so you can continue with your daily activities.

8. Stretching

Surely on more than one occasion you have felt almost uncontrollable desires to stretch, right? If this happens to you, do not take it lightly and obey your body, because that desire to stretch is the way he has to tell you that he can no longer. Stretching will make your metabolism and blood flow improve, oxygen will flow better through your brain and your muscles will relax providing you with a delicious feeling of well-being.

7. Sneeze

Although many attribute this to malignant presences, sneezing is nothing more than the expulsion of air from the lungs when the body detects foreign particles in the nasal mucosa and all in order to protect themselves from contracting any disease.

6. Goosebumps

If this happens to you when you are cold, afraid or you are in an uncomfortable situation, let me inform you that the hairs on your skin get up to try to isolate the air or protect you from danger, just like animals do, however, unfortunately In our case, we do not have as good results as they do, especially when it comes to the cold.

5. Eyelid tremor

If this happens to you constantly, worry, because your body is imploring rest and many cares. As you hear it, these small spasms happen when we are in situations of stress, insomnia, poor diet or excess caffeine in the body.

4. Memory loss

If you are one of the people who always lose the keys or do not remember what you put yesterday, it would be better to start sleeping and relax, because this is because your brain has been subjected to such high levels of stress that it has not been able to regenerate the neurons needed to process and remember all the information that any other person in their normal state would remember without a problem.

3. Wrinkled skin

Without a doubt this is something that has happened to all of us. Although you do not believe it, our body is so intelligent that when it is under risk situations it looks for a way to stay alert and this is precisely what happens when after spending a lot of time in contact with water, our fingers begin to wrinkle like a way to protect yourself from slippery surfaces. As you hear it, this is the way your hands and feet try to hold on better to avoid a fall.

2. Tears

Beyond the emotions that these help us to express, tears are a natural way that your eyes seek to stay lubricated, release dust and cleanse of foreign particles.

1. Jump while you sleep

Have you ever dreamed that you are about to fall and have suddenly woken up because without realizing it you gave a sudden jump? These brief and involuntary movements are caused by a lack of oxygen, which is why your body reacts with a jump to make sure you are breathing properly.

Now that you know the whole truth, what do you think about these amazing data? Leave us your comments.

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