10+ Problems With The Young Girls Of This Generation

Generation has its own way of doing things, Each generation always disagree on these by adopting new things in life.

Where people always disagree to change according to the generation.

Things change in time, they are bound to.

We can’t blame anyone for this.

There are issues with the young girls of this generation which are illogical to the very core.

When she friendzone you

Well, one these things badly need to be solved.

Dude! relationship

So, immatured we used to be at that time, how come these girls get into relationship?So, immatured we used to be at that time, how come these girls get into relationship?

Even and out

Well, look girls here is the burn for you.

Young girls these days

Well, we really don’t understand what these young girls wants portray themselves.


Like literally, they can’t live without pouting.


Because you can’t ignore it or escape it from being friendzone.

We are sisters

Looks like this girls are more into playing the same game. Groupism!

Looks like that 14 year old had an awesome childhood , something to remember.

Even small kids knows how to do makeup, when we used to be kid we never knew what makeup was.

That cleavage show

Well, these expectations should be banned.

We used to be so much in anime characters , when we were 13 years old .

Curls or straight

When your not happy with either of the things.

Fashion blogger

Looks like Kylie Jenner stranded here but what happened to her face.

Things will never change

Well, these would never change, never in a million years.

Dracula’s in the club

They will take years to dress up but only to look like this in club.

6TH Graders know how to pose

Where then 6th graders were so sober and now 6th graders are definitely pimp.

When it was fashion

Granny glasses was fashion at that time and now its just fashion to look like that.

They just want to look hot

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