10 Photos Revealing How Significant Visual Effects Are In Movies


Most people get surprised by the effect they see in movies, but it is not a new thing to individuals again as everybody knows that a lot of the things we see in movies are computer-made visual effects.

Most are not sure or know how much computer graphics are used to make a blockbuster. In the before-after pictures below, you will see many scenes you would think are filmed “on location” are actually a product of CGI and advanced motion-capture techniques. The magicians working on the visual effects can make almost everything come true using green screens, blue screens, and powerful software.

The below picture will show how a swimming pool became an ocean in “Life of Pi,” and how a parking lot became a deserted highway to Atlanta in “The Walking Dead” then how a green screen studio looked like Portofino in the final version on “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

1. Life of Pi

2. The Dark Knight

3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

4. Alice in Wonderland

5. The Walking Dead

6. The Avengers

7. The Wolf of Wall Street

8. The Great Gatsby

9. World War Z

10. Grey’s Anatomy

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