10+ Images That Perfectly Show Travel Expectation Vs Reality

#11 really saddened me!

Time and again we have been lured with the picturesque clicks of the so-called exotic destinations. Also, there is no denying the fact that while having high expectations of the place, we have been brutally brought down with the reality, when we visit it. The beyond beautiful and out of this world pictures are a bait and often a misconception of the place.

Your so called stress-free getaway may not be so, it may, in fact, be a cruel disappointment. The clicks that give vent to your wanderlust, clip the wings of your imagination when you happen to visit them and come to terms with the harsh reality.

Let me tell you, those beaches that look nothing less than a way to heaven, the ice-clad white mountains, the crystal clear blue water are rarely so. Just like you had been enticed with their serenity and charm, a lot of others were, too. So, before planning that expensive holiday, just bear in mind the popularity of the place.

Here are some photographs that will bust a lot of myths of some of the famous holiday destinations of the world.

#1. Great Wall of China

This wall was built along the northern borders of China to protect the Chinese empire from the raids and invasions. It was built for border controls, to impose duties on goods transferred via the Silk Route and to put a control on immigration and emigration.


You need not have to make any efforts to walk, you will be pushed by the crowd all the way.



Looking at the density of the tourists at the place, we are bound to believe that now the wall itself must be guarded from damage.


#2. Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

Huh, the signature click you would expect. The tower is famous for its unintended tilt. Also, the tower now leans at about 3.99 degrees.


Everybody wants to be clicked while pushing it, So, forget the plan of photography.


It’s not just you who wants that perfect click.

Phew! There is competition there, too!


#3. Mona Lisa in Louvre museum, Paris, France

Lucky will be you, if you get this close a view of the beauty!


It is hard to see the real painting, however, you can get its image from others’ camera or mobile screen.

Just look at her fan following!

You can surely get a click of hers, but from others’ phone.


#4. Beaches of Maldives

The serenity, the calmness, the blue waters, no comparisons, dude.


All your plans of relaxing and taking sun bath may be ruined.

Planning a sunbath?

Forget it!


#5. Famous beach of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Surely, looking at this, one cannot resist planning a holiday to the place.


Visiting here during concerts is sometimes not a good idea.


The beach gets heavily crowded in times of a concert.

And it is nothing less than a nightmare.


#6. Placid Gondola ride in Venice, Italy

Expectation: You and your partner, spending some quality time together.


But, many people desire for it at the same time.

Reality: You guys are not the only ones! *Harsh reality*


#7. Santorini Island, Greece

Portraying a calm and perfect honeymoon destination, Santorini is a must on a newly wedded couple’s list, but really?


You will have to learn a ‘tortoise-walk’.


Again, it is not only you.

Santorini is on a lot of others’ list, too.


#8. This is how you expect yourself at a ski Trip.

Whooshing your way through the snow!


This is what you end up with.

But, not everything happens the way you think.



#9. A beach in Thailand

Aquamarine waters of the place, perfect for the mood!


You may not get a chance to enjoy your private moments.



Perfect for everyone’s mood!


#10. Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza have been believed to be built by moving, dragging and lifting huge stones, from a quarry.


Don’t expect too much.

And there are a lot of fans of the place, too.

Pretty evident from the aboce click.


#11. Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy.




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