10 Horrible Rituals That Are Brutally Practiced On Women Around The World

In this age of technological and ideological advancements, it seems impossible to imagine that the backward mentality still persists. But this is as true as it might sound funny. In the times when sciences are taking a leap to the farthest corners of the universe, there are women still struggling to find their way in ‘The men’s world’.

And no, I’m not simply talking about the sexual harassment or assaults made on them in the corporate world – but on the roots of civilizations, where women have been deprived of their rights since so long, they don’t even feel like they deserve it.

In the name of culture, faith, and God, women have been treated like nothing more than a prized possession (if at all) in many cultures around the world. Some of the customs forced on the women are extremely violent and inhuman.

Check out these horrible rituals practiced on women that can break you in tears.


1. Forced tattoos and piercings


In Amazonian cultures of Paraguay and Brazil, women are tattooed all over their bodies for attracting men, as they ‘come of age’ i.e. have their first menstrual cycles. They need to be compulsorily tattooed on their stomachs, breasts, and backs. And these tattoos are considered to be sexually attractive, and not a form of pain.


2. Crying Marriage


In the Sichuan Province in Southwestern China, the Tujia people practice a strange custom called Zuo Tang. According to the ritual, the brides need to cry every night for a month before their wedding. If the bride-to-be refuses to cry, then she is beaten up by her mother to make her cry as it is very necessary for the wedding ceremony.


3. Force-feeding

In some places in Mauritania, it is believed that an overweighing wife brings good fortune and prosperity in a marriage. So, under the practice of Leblough, the young girls are force-fed a diet of up to 16,000 calories a day to prepare them for their wedding day. This leaves the girls nauseated and tired, not that anyone is bothered by that.


4. Chiseling the teeth

Mentawai tribe of Sumatra believes that women with pointed teeth look more attractive and have a better connection between their body and soul. The local shaman sharpens a rude blade and uses it for chiseling the teeth of women. The worst thing is that girls are not provided any drug to numb the pain of chiseling.


5. Female genital mutilation

Girls of certain backward communities in nations such as Somalia and Egypt face clitoral mutilation for a shocking reason. This act of female genital mutilation without using any drugs is performed in an unhygienic condition to preserve the virginity of young girls.


6. Kidnapping the brides

Though kidnapping is considered as illegal in every nation around the world, it is readily practiced by Romanians for the purpose of marriage. If a man kidnaps a woman and is able to keep her hostage for 3 to 5 days in Romania, he is allowed to marry her. (Stockholm Syndrome much?)

Although, today it has taken a more fun and colorful place in the culture, where mock bride-napping are done as a marriage ceremony.


7. Beating them in public


In the Menses Rituals of Uaupes, Brazil, naked women are taken to the streets and are beaten to death or unconsciousness. This cruel ritual is considered as a test for marriage. If the girls still wake up after this inhumane interaction, then they are considered fit for marriage.


8. Breast ironing

In certain cultures of Cameroon, Nigeria, and South Africa, it is believed that burning women breasts prevent them from growing which will, in turn, reduce rapes in the nation. This brutal act is undertaken by the parents of young girls. Hot stones, hammers or spatulas are burned over hot coals and pressed against the girl’s breast to damaging her breast tissues permanently.


9. Giraffe-Neck women


Women belonging to Karen tribe in Thailand need to wear rings around their neck because they consider long neck as a symbol of beauty. Women need to bear the immense pain to get giraffe-like neck as they need to wear the rings for a lifetime. A 5-year-old girl needs to start wearing this ring around her neck and more rings are added as her age increases.


10. Eating Placenta


Tribal women in some areas of China eat their own placenta after giving birth to their baby because the placenta is rich in nutrients. But is it right to practice this ritual forcefully on the women?

Now I want to ask, do you think that in a world where women safety is an issue of serious concern, these bizarre acts against humanity should still persist?


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