10+ Hilarious Pictures Accurately Showing Life Before Marriage vs After Marriage !

Life before getting Married is quite easy to handle but after you’re hooked up things get change, behaviors get change, habits get change and sometimes person changes too. One thing which is really common is that you will find an entirely another person in the same person after getting married. There is a very simple reason behind this, the person before getting married you know is someone which use to pretend a lot of things to maybe to impress you but after marriage, you get to know a different side of them which is real and genuine. #1 Responsibilities come before everything else. When you start forgetting the special days like an anniversary or you cannot even have time for a little romance. #2 The moment when you realise maturity is in doing something like this. Trust me or not but she will appreciate these small-little things. #3 Life before is more about Cheesy talks but Saying I love you after we’re married is some kind of a not so important stuff for some. acheter coque iphone en ligne #4 Sleeping somehow seems more important than anything else. Advice: This act can make your wife really really aggressive. #5 Some whole different shades. In Life after marriage, be ready to see not so goodie-goodie side of your partner. #6 When being with each other matters, even it’s just home. #7 No hesitations at all Couples pretend a lot in life before marriage. But later get way too comfortable in life after marriage. #8 Because a perfect body is the goal. But it usually gets disappear. It is not required anymore after you have the one you love with you. coque iphone en ligne #9 Flirting is necessary even when it’s lame. Showing affection towards your partner before and after marriage is equally important. Here are some creative illustrations by Karina Farek that will precisely describe the situation of Love and Lust. It will help you find your status. 1. The Prior Choice If S3x comes first and you the next, then lust is in the air. But you must cheer up because you are that good in bed. He is more interested in your body rather You. 2. The ultimate Care If he chooses to impress you over your comfort, he is definitely being selfish. Whereas Love is when he knows what you need the most in that particular moment. 3. Differentiate the Efforts Paying the bills and fulfilling the demands isn’t actually love. It’s when you support them through all the odds. Lust is show off. 4. Thoughts matter Love is something way beyond the want for body whereas Lust is just it. If your thoughts are more into making out all the time and not about the how much you enjoy your partner’s company, it’s Lust . 5. No reason to Love Love is pure, no conditions, no reasons, nothing! Lust is masked and sugarcoated. It’s extremely transient. 6. True is Love to see the best in the worst If you always appreciate the appealing part, it is lust. Love is when you Love everything about them and find them beautiful even when they look worse! Accepting the flaws is Love. Here are some more serious facts about lust vs love by lovepanky Love vs. lust The love-lust dynamic can be likened to making a bonfire. Think of lust as the kindling that starts the fire. Kindling burns easily and flares up when ignited, but it burns fast and dies easily, just like a relationship built on lust. Love, on the other hand, can be thought as the larger of pieces of wood; it burns longer and steadier. You could try to light it without kindling, but it will take a long time before it starts to burn. Therefore, you need the proverbial kindling to start a steady fire. [Read also: What are you feeling? Is it love or lust?] Before we get lost in the analogy, lust is the spark that could either fizzle out, or burn into love. Lust on its own is quick and temporary, while love comes slowly, but is more permanent and steady. Signs that it’s lust and not love If you’re feeling confused over what you’re feeling, and wondering if it’s love or lust, just use these 10 signs to understand your mind and heart better. #1 Every aspect of the relationship revolves around sex. When your relationship is built on lust, your primary motivation for sticking with that person is to have sex. That means that everything you do–all the sweet and romantic things you give away–has an ulterior motive that will lead toward the bedroom. acheter coque iphone True love is different. People in love value moments and experiences they share, even if they are mundane and boring to most. #2 Lust tends to focus on physical attraction. When you’re in lust, you have this mindset that looking good is paramount. As a result, you dress to the nines, you try really hard to keep in shape, and step out of your house looking like you jumped out of a centerfold. Why, you ask? Because you want sex. For people in lust, looking their best is the way to remain attractive to the other person. Love, on the other hand, doesn’t care if you go out wearing your old college shirt or a pair of daddy trousers. For people in love, it is the person inside the clothes who truly matters. #3 You live in a fairy tale world where the other person is flawless. Being in lust dulls your judgment, because you tend to idealize both yourself and your partner. While it is normal to put your best foot forward to make an impression, a more stable relationship requires you to put all your cards on the table so that the other person can know who you truly are—be it good or bad. If you’re in lust, you tend to put up the faà§ade of a person whom your partner idealizes. And likewise, you tend to look past the other person’s negative characteristics and focus only on the qualities that fit your fantasy. #4 You did not have a “friendship” stage. Most people in romantic relationships started out as friends. People who skipped the whole friendship ordeal and brought it straight to bed *yes, it happens* could just be in lust. Friendship is the stepping stone to a deeper relationship, as it tests your compatibility, allows you to get to know each other, and even takes you to difficult moments where you can come out stronger. coque iphone xr This type of relationship becomes the foundation of romantic love. #5 You don’t really know the person. As mentioned, being in lust makes you put up a faà§ade and live a constrained life because of the other person’s expectations. Since the bulk of your moments together are spent tangled, naked, in bed, you don’t get to have real bonding moments where you can get to know who they are. When you’re in love, you bare it all. You’ll get to know your partner intimately—even down to the tiniest details. #6 You’re insecure about your secrets and problems. When you’re in love, you rarely keep your problems from your partner and you trust them with your deepest secrets. You are comfortable with telling them anything without fear of being judged. Being in lust, on the other hand, you are insecure about telling them your problems because let’s admit it: the trust between the two of you is superficial and you feel that giving them further information about yourself makes you too vulnerable. #7 There’s little intimacy in lust. While the two of you may spend most of your waking moments having sex, it does not automatically mean that you have achieved intimacy in your relationship. Intimacy doesn’t always mean having sex. Intimacy is being able to let your guard down and having complete trust in your significant other. When you are truly in love, you are at ease when you’re together and you find yourself emotionally invested. #8 You don’t feel committed. People in lust feel little to no commitment in their relationships. As discussed in the bonfire analogy, lust can fizzle out quickly. A relationship based on lust alone can end as soon as you find the next person who captures your desire. coque iphone Love, on the other hand, is more enduring—even in the lust-less moments of the relationship. As the saying goes, “Vaginas and penises are all the same, it’s the person connected to it that you fall in love with.” [Read: True love and promiscuous love in the real world] #9 You don’t have plans for the future. coque iphone 7 As a romantic relationship matures and you gradually become part of the other person’s life, you will come to a point where you include each other in future plans. Not only that, but your decision-making will consider your significant other’s wants and needs. This kind of intimacy is nonexistent when you’re just in lust, as your primary motivation is sex. #10 Eventually, sex will get boring. The greatest irony of a lust-based relationship is that your sexual escapades will get boring in due time. When that time comes, you’ll be off and about to find the next person to satisfy your sexual desires. People in love enjoy every moment of their love-making. They will not tire of it, even if age has weathered their physique and taken their stamina.

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