10 Facts About Future Deputy PM Chan Chun Sing

Cyberspace has been abuzz with talk about Finance Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat becoming our next Prime Minister (PM).

On Friday (23 Nov), Mr Heng was named the party’s First Assistant Secretary-General — a role that naturally advances the person to PM.

Felow front-runner Mr Chan Chun Sing was named Second Assistant Secretary-General. He will likely become our next Deputy PM in the future.

While Mr Heng may have ‘won the race’, Mr Chan should in no way be discredited. Being considered for the country’s most important role is no cheap matter.

Here are 7 things you may not know about man who almost became our next PM.

1. Raised by a single mother


Mr Chan’s parents got divorced when he was young. His mother then had to work 2 jobs to support both Mr Chan and his sister.

 In the morning, she would clean offices and for the rest of the day, she would operate a machine at a manufacturing plant.

2. Stayed in a 3-room flat till mid-20s

Where Mr Chan’s flat used to be

Mr Chan lived in a 3-room flat in MacPherson with his mother, sister, grandparents and aunt. A 3-room flat may be fairly spacious, but with 6 people living in it maybe not so much.

Mr Chan only moved out when he went overseas to pursue his degree. That means living in the crammed flat for about 21 years.

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