10 celebrities that were not always beautiful


Now they are icons of beauty and style but it was not always like that and to tell the truth, they were not at all graceful. These gallants are the clear example of growing gracefully because we can say that a beautiful swan was born from an ugly duckling. Today we will introduce you to 15 handsome and successful guys who have a hidden secret … They never imagined that they would be cute!

1- Cristiano Ronaldo

I know, nowadays this footballer even makes fashion campaigns for his underpants because he is very handsome, but we have to accept that as a teenager he had nothing to do with what he is now.

2- Josh Peck

Who does not remember the funny and “chubby” Josh Drake & Josh? Surely everyone. This actor surprised us all when he began to lose weight to become a real heartthrob. Have you seen what it looks like today?

3- Matthew Lewis

“Neville” Harry Potter was not ugly, let’s say he was half “simpleton” , but apparently he has spent a lot of time in the gym and over the years has become a very handsome and stylish boy.

4- Zac Efron

This actor today is one of the most handsome actors in all of Hollywood; all producers want to hire him to star in their films but was this always the case? Not so much in reality.

5- Chris Pratt

What do you think of his radical change? It looks incredible! The protagonist had to lose a lot of weight to star in Guardians of the Galaxy and the truth is that they were great, today is a Hollywood heartthrob.

6- Diego Luna

7- Patrick Dempsey

Patrick has always generated divided opinions, some think it is unattractive and others that it is not bad, but what is very obvious is the change he has suffered over the years. There is no doubt that maturity has made you feel great.

8- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Nowadays he is quite a gallant of the cinema, nevertheless it cost him some work.How nice that he cut his hair right?

9- Jesse Eisenberg

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