Unbelievable Transformation Of Teenager After Finding Out Her Boyfriend Cheated

When your partner cheats on you or if you find out that your partner was willing to wreck your relationship by sleeping with someone else makes you know much about yourself and if you already have low value it may definitely crush you.
But this should definitely not be this way. Your dignity and pride should not depend on what anyone thinks of you.

Let’s meet Shanai Martin, a 19-year-old teenager who decided to take matters into her own hands and make a positive change in her life when she found out her boyfriend had cheated on her. Her amazing transformation will inspire you to love yourself first.
After breaking up with her boyfriend Shanai went from size 16 to size 10 in just nine months. This unbelievable transformation that she made in her lifestyle made her more confident.

Shanai tweeted that she was very proud of the weight she lost entirely on her own. She wrote “Big thanks to my cheating ex for providing the motivation for this amazing transformation.”
In an interview, Shanai told about how her breakup motivated her to lose weight.

Shanai has grown up to be a mature teenager and agrees that in spite of being cheated by her deceiving boyfriend she is not resentful because she believes that it is difficult to hate someone and that’s not something she has.

Shanai’s tweet has received overwhelming likes and followers and she has also received much support from her Twitter users. Shanai knows what it feels to be insecure about physical appearance and so she has plenty of advice for girls.

Responding to all the support Shanai received she says that she loves seeing girls uplifting each other and it makes her heart so happy spreading love chicas.
After posting her pictures on Twitter before and after losing weight Shanai has not heard about her ex and is now in a committed relationship with someone.

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