The True Difference Between Having Sex And Making Love


Felipe Mellizo


Sex and making love are two different things to many people. What do they mean to you?

Of course, making love is a much more emotional experience than having sex with someone for whom you don’t have feelings. The act of intercourse itself has to do with bodily pleasure, while love making also soothes the soul. Love making is also a spiritual process even for people who aren’t spiritually inclined. It brings the partners closer and helps them build a much more intense connection.

Sex is mostly instinctive; people have sex regardless of the lack of feelings or connection. Now, some find that the physical experience is enough, but others crave for something more. Making love is an expression of deep emotions, and it’s far more complicated than mere intercourse.

Sex is all about getting off while making love is about getting to the next level with the other person. Love-making is using more than our genitals to access one another on an emotional level. Of course, enjoying casual sex is absolutely healthy as well. However, sometimes it’s not enough.

When you make love, you let your lover see you in your most vulnerable state. You share things that you’d never share with others. Making love goes far beyond rose petals and candles. It’s bridging a gap between the mind and body. It’s letting go of all that you thought you knew and being present in the moment.

The orgasms are merely the beginning when it comes to love-making. It’s an expression of something divine. Sex might drive people crazy, but love-making brings people together. Sex can, of course, become love-making over time.

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