We girls always know when Another Woman enters our man’s Life. It’s a gut feeling but sometimes we ignore the signs because we love him too much! If you experience the following signs in your relationship it’s probably time you call it quits and confront your man about the affair he might be having!

8 Signs Your Man Is Having An Affair With Another Woman!
1. He doesn’t Call You When He Said He Would!

Yes, sometimes he might genuinely be busy with work and other stuff in life but you got to understand the fine line between sometimes being busy with work and someone always forgetting to call and not keeping his words. He clearly has other priorities and you are not one of them.

2. He’s Late Often And Doesn’t Inform You.

Your man is probably coming home late regularly and that too without informing you before because he might not even have a proper reason for being late except the other girl he might be spending all the time with!

3. Cancels Plans And Forgets Promises.

He probably didn’t make it to the date night you planned for so long. Doesn’t remember things he promises you and always seems preoccupied with the things you two used to do together. 9/10 chances are he is too busy keeping plans and promises for Another Woman and you don’t cross his mind.

4. Has Some Peculiar Rules About When You Two Can Or Cannot Meet!

He’ll set a schedule when two can and cannot meet and will often get irritated if you try to break the schedule to give him surprise visits.

5. You Barely Know About Him.

He keeps listening to you and appears like an amazing man who loves listening to you. But girl you might want to put a break to your mouth and start learning about your guy. There are high chances he’s just trying to avoid personal details about himself by listening to you so that he can easily slip away with excuses if he’s with Another Woman.

If he’s giving you vague answers chances are he’s trying to distance you.

6. No One Knows You Are His Girl.

If he loves you he won’t be shy to hold you and kiss you on your forehead in front of everyone and say,”She’s Mine.” But if he doesn’t chances are he’s keeping you away from his life and doesn’t want to get on with you seriously.

7. Won’t Invite You To Meet His Family – Like Ever!

He’s just not making you a part of his life. You probably don’t mean as much as he means to you. He might be with other women. Who knows? Doesn’t he seem shady to you if he’s always keeping you far and still claims he loves you till the end of the world?

8. Doesn’t Spend Time With You On Holidays.

He’s probably busy with the other woman and making her life amazing. While you sulk here without attention or affection probably doing his smelly laundry.


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