Parent do not pay attention to children, the boy’s hand was “swallowed” by escalator in mall, how painful it is!

The incident occurred at mall in China, according to the report the boy played at the escalator alone, not accompanied to any adults.

The 6-year-old boy got his left hand stuck in the rolling belt of an escalator at the entrance of a residence community, and was finally released by firefighters.

The rescuers inserted an iron bar into the gap of the escalator, trying to pry the gap to be larger enough so as to make the boy’s hand released, but it was impossible. Then they decided to use hydraulic spreader to carry out the rescue.

After 20 minutes, the boy was finally rescued and taken immediately to the hospital nearby, then doctors diagnosed that his finger was fractured.

One of the firefighter team shared that “Every year we have to operate such rescues for about ten times on average. Those five to six-year-old children would get their hands or feet stuck in elevators or escalators. Therefore, we want to remind the parents that they should take care of their children when taking elevators or escalators to make sure they are safe” .

Recently, the similar case occurred in a Chinese mall. The victim was a 9-year-old boy who had his hand stuck in a gap at the side of an escalator after being left unattended by his father at a shopping centre. Firefighters had to remove the plates at the bottom of the escalator to free the boy. Fotunately, the child did not sustain any injuries.

These incidents happened as a warning bell for every parents, please never be careless from children, they’re our invaluable treasures, so treat them better or we would regret forever.

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