Mr.Elastic! 57-Year-Old Man Can Walk With His Feet Twisting 180 Degrees Backwards

Mr. Elastic! 57-Year-Old Man Can Walk With His Feet Twisting 180 Degrees Backwards
August 23, 2018 By Shqiponja Alshiqi
A 57-year-old man from Michigan, United States now holds two world records and people are calling him Mr. Elastic Man.

Moses Lanham has double cartilage and extra tissue in his knee joints, hips and ankles that twist and turn anyway he pleases.
Ths video shows Moses spinning his jelly-like legs so his feet face the opposite direction and that’s how he walks!

43 years ago while he was attending a gym class Moses lost the grip he had on a rope and fell 18ft down. He fell on the ground and injured himself.
The injury he had when he was only 14 years old made him be able to walk like this, he can twist his feet 180 degrees along with his knees and to which he claims is way more comfortable to walk than the normal way.
The walk may look uncomfortable and painful to do but to Moses it isn’t, he says it’s how he prefers to walk anyway. When he first got the news they believed something was dislocated but soon Moses claimed his condition and he has been surprising people ever since.

Source:Caters Clips

Mr Elastic says:
“I think as far as I know I’m the only one in the world that’s able to turn their feet backwards and walk.”
He also shares a crazy thing that happened after he showed his ability:
“When I perform this in front of people I love the reactions. A lot of people are just amazed. One time, I’ve actually had a person throw up after I turned my feet around.”

Moses has two records, the one he recently received is one of the world’s fastest man to walk with his feet backwards over 20 meters and he also used to have the first place for the World’s Most Flexible Feet.

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