Japanese Woman Shares Shocking Selfies From When She Weighed 37lbs

Japanese Woman Shares Shocking Selfies From When She Weighed 37lbs

An unnamed Japanese woman recently released pictures of the abuse that she suffered at the hands of her grandfather. The woman, who is now in her 20’s, showcased a series of photos where she weighed a measly 37 pounds! The gut-wrenching photos show the woman with a severely shrunken face as well as protruding ribs and bones from underneath her skin. Warning: some viewers may find the content disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

She admitted that she suffered years of abuse from her grandfather more than ten years ago.She said that she was starved from food by her grandfather and that she was physically beat whenever he found her eating.

In a report done by the Daily Mail, the article revealed that the woman tweeted that she was ‘forbidden to eat’ and that she would be kicked in the belly whenever her grandfather caught her eating.

She also went on to say, on her Twitter, that he would force her to spit the food out if he ever caught her sneaking food into her non-existent diet.

She posted the pictures on her Twitter in order to create awareness for abuse and urged anyone and everyone in similar circumstances to ‘ask for help before it’s too late.’

At the time those pictures were taken, the Japanese woman from Kyoto, Japan, said that she weighed only 16.8 kilograms or 37 pounds.

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