Hilarious Images Of Our Beloved Mr. Bean Photoshopped Into Heroes Of Popular Movies

As if we needed another reason to adore the joyfully juvenile and slapstick personality of Mr. Bean! Thanks to the amazing world wide web, we can now enjoy a brand new form of comedy! Created by popular British actor Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean was based on Rowan’s love of Jacques Tati’s character “Monsieur Hulot” from another series. Also, Atkinson first appeared as Mr. Bean back in 1990 in a BBC’s New Year’s Day special.

Atkinson’s latest film will be a follow-up sequel to his spy films titled Johnny English Strikes Again. It’s set to be released in 2018. Mr. Bean’s character has gone down in history as one of the funniest, most iconic British television personas ever, even going on to star in two movies: Bean, and Mr. Bean’s Holiday.

Rowan Atkinson has said in several interviews he won’t continue to play the role of Mr. Bean. For example, in his interview with the Daily Telegraph in 2012 he particularly stated: “The stuff that has been most commercially successful for me – basically quite physical, quite childish – I increasingly feel I’m going to do a lot less of. I also think someone in their 50s being childlike becomes a little sad. You’ve got to be careful.”

Nevertheless, Atkinson reprised his role of Mr. Bean in a recent Chinese movie titled Top Funny Comedian: The Movie, that was released in 2017. Now, because we just can’t get enough of this character, let’s take a look at Mr. Bean photoshopped into basically everything, including some famous films. Check them out below!

1) Pirates of the CariBEAN

2) Mad Max: BEANY Road

3) Harry Potter And The Goblet Of BEAN

4) Pulp BEANtion

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