Artist Gives Children Temporary Tattoos To Make Hospital Life More Fun.

Obviously, the paint used for these tattoos does cost money so he’s often raising funds online.
But for anyone wondering how difficult it is to take these tattoos off, you should know that they easily wash off in the shower. However, while they’re on the skin of these patients, they look as real as a tattoo on any biker.

The kind gesture that Lloyd has provided has been praised by parents, family members, and obviously, the kids.
Since tattoos often give people the sense of empowerment, because it makes them feel like they’re in control of their own body, kids can feel that way too, even when dealing with serious health conditions like cancer.

As complex as the tattoo designs seem, Lloyd assures parents that it’s not that difficult to recreate at all.
The ink is very easy to apply and Lloyd is such a wizard when it comes to airbrushing that he can have an average tattoo completed in about 9 minutes. This gives him the time to ensure that no child at the hospital gets left out.

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