24 Adorable Times People Suddenly Became Disney Princesses

Believe it or not, there are some real-life princesses as well. It’s so possible for you to randomly start crying alone in the outdoors and suddenly an adorable chipmunk comes to comfort you. Or a beautiful bird randomly flies into the palm of your hand.I mean, you might not necessarily start singing and dancing with these animals because that is just PURELY a Disney thing. But everything before this can totally happen in real life.

If you don’t believe this, check out these photos of people who had a Disney Princess moment. There must be something clearly good about the people in these photos if wild animals are able to trust them.
1. Check out this first photo. This guy is clearly known as the squirrel whisperer. What are the odds that you are outside, hanging out and a squirrel decides to jump on your shoulder and…just hang out. He’s the real-life Snow White…clearly.

2. This just might be the sweetest photo I have ever seen. They RANDOMLY come across a baby Bambi, but it definitely made for a real-life princess photo. Even how she’s gently feeding this adorable animal shows that she’s a princess in training.

3. I’m sure there’s a lot of us out there that WISH an adorable wild baby bunny would trust us and just allow to even be pet. Well, this person has some sort of Princess genes and was able to get a baby bunny to go into the palm of their hands. Jealous.

4. This butterfly was probably just flying around, minding its own business when they saw a spot to just chill and hang out. This spot happened to be a baby’s head. It made for an adorable photo! And cue the Disney music…I’m sure Princess Belle or Cinderella would be very, very jealous of this baby. Natural born Princess.

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