23 Hidden Treasures And Relics That Were Discovered At Construction Sites.

If you ever inherit a property from a loved one, or you buy a home and decide to renovate it, make sure to check everything. You never know what might get unearthed during construction. Ironically, the best thing about a construction project isn’t always the finished results, but rather what was found in the midst of the project.

Just ask these people, who uncovered some of the rarest, and in some cases, the most valuable treasures ever. Some of these items are so amazing that you’ll be grabbing your hammer, your shovel, and possibly calling a construction crew to work on your property.

#1. A couple was walking their dog when they noticed something shiny sticking out of the ground.
They started to dig on their Northern California property and found metal cans containing over 1,400 gold coins. The combined value of the coins was about $27,000, but could be worth $10 million because they’re from the 19th century and were in mint condition.

#2. Sarina Jennings and Clinton McCallum, from Arizona, were in the money, for a short time at least.
After buying their first home, they started renovating it. That’s when a contractor found suitcases with a cash total of $500,000. Sadly, the justice system decided that the heirs of the original homeowners should have the money. Jennings and McCallum tried to appeal but the ruling remained in favor of the heirs.

#3. A couple noticed something odd about their apartment walls in Palermo, Italy during a renovation.
Giuseppe Cadili and Valeria Giarrusso were in the process of knocking down a wall to make a room larger when they found that every wall was covered with ornate silver and gold paint. Researchers investigated the site and believe that the property may have belonged to a 1700s North African merchant.

#4. In Boston’s Seaport District, a construction crew unearthed an astonishing shipwreck.
The Skanka construction crew was digging an area where a 400,000-square-foot office building was going to be built. But what they found was a 50-foot ship made of wood from the 1800s. City archeologist Joe Bagley told a CNN affiliate that the ship may have “run aground or crashed here during a storm.”

#5. A hidden room in Paris was perfectly preserved as it hadn’t been opened in 68 years.
The room managed to stay intact, even through the years. As it turns out, Madame de Florian, a 23-year-old woman, was forced to abandon her residence in Paris due to Nazi raid. No one had tampered with her apartment until the woman died at age 91. The room remained exactly as pictured here for 68 years!

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