17 Intense Pictures That Delve Into Censorship, Sexuality And Body Matters

The following pictures painted by Instagram artist @Maria_uve_ are fiery, intense and “more love and less politics”. Ironically most of the pictures include subtle political messages as well as symbols which explore gender equality and free sexuality. Smartly captioned and covered in powerful symbols Maria’s art is equally within the words, as it’s in the imagery.


I think of those nights, nights that end up knowing the sea, and I know that what has been, was and never was, but there is a little corner of my chest the size of a bread ball, there, I still keep my desire, who knows if one day the tide wet my sheets with the same intensity

I felt the abyss when you closed the door, at a stroke all the happy memories hurt as if they were the sharpest dagger in the world, the earth, the galaxy of the universe, the SHARPENING dagger, that slamming separated the present from the past, and I have had a bad time, but for all there are shelters in corners where we would never have searched, there are those who kiss, some dance, some cry, some read, some travel, I have painted a lot, but no, I do not do art, what I do is SUPER-TE.


With politics I mean propaganda, labels, sides, advertising, etc.) hatred, racism, xenophobia, sexism, animal abuse … so many things; but more love.



There are bad habits that tie borders.



You move with that calm that keeps my back and clothes my fears.

You talk to me, and I only know that I understand you, I understand even your silences.

And I thought that the love was just a story, now I know that even if it is, I love you.




So tattooed on the skin, the scratches of the past, said: “everything I’ve lived has led me to be what I am, that’s why I’m tattooed, so I do not forget anything.”

So to get angry and make more ruins of Rome, like to forgive you later.

So to live as to sleep.

It was about eating the world, and about me later.

I do not know if it was fire or it was ice.

So extreme.

So of her and so of no one.

So unbreakable.



“The thief believes that everyone is his condition.”

I am passionate, and if, when I want, I want to rage, when I love I do it without measure without metrics that can determine how intense I am, when I give, it is everything, and I have run out of nothing so many times that I have finally learned, but truth, not a mouthpiece, that I can never expect anything in return, I am unconditional in all the damn senses of the word, that things come alone, by an invisible path where you can not go to look for them, that’s why I always go straight ahead and with the Open arms, who knows, may one day take flight and take me to the sky to whom I held out his hand when I was in a pit of mud. So No, of course not, you can not take away my reason for being, my soul, and my essence, rest assured that I will fight tooth and nail for it. BE WILD.


I knew I should not, I knew that was not right, but it was that same feeling that made me climb to heaven and bite the pillow, I am free of conventionalisms and prey of my most sincere instincts, I should have told him .. freethelove



Sometimes the best option is to choose to believe in yourself, against all odds.


And as it fell, your name rumbled in my head spinning without stopping; I did not know how or why, but as I collapsed on the ground, your name had become my reason for being, the only and most sought-after destination.

When I fell and collapsed on the ground, your name made me take flight more strongly than ever, and when I finally saw everything from the heights and with perspective, I knew that you, “Self-love” you would never let me fall again.



It could be countless nights in your most intimate memories, it could be the hand that scratches your back and caresses your face, be the forehead in which you support yours when something is not right, when it goes well, when you finish, when you start when .. You want, my forehead could have been there, and I know for sure that now you would do anything to make it happen, but I’ve already crossed rivers and seas, climbed mountains crossed infinite jungles to escape from the desire of you, to find the desire of me.



She said she did not dare to kiss him, then the wind came and took him to the country of things you will never do, next to the tattoo he does not have and the city he never visited, lay that inert kiss full of cigars for after… that happy ending of any day that was just a fucking ending.







“Imagine all the people

Living for today… Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace” John Lennon

Source: Truth Theory

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