12 Fascinating Yet Unknown Facts About Farting

Farting is mostly considered to be the most shameful and also humorous function of our body. Everyone farts, everyone tries to hide it, but have we ever taken a minute to think about the science and history behind it?

Here are some little-known yet fascinating facts about farting:

1. Women tend to fart less than men.

2. First used in 1962, the word ‘fart’ refers to the wind coming out of the anus. It’s pretty apt, don’t you think so?

3. A typical human being will fart more than a dozen times a day.

4. The air someone produces when they fart can be used to blow up a balloon.

5. Don’t ever feel embarrassed about a fart. It’s actually a sign of good health. If you fart, it means that your digestive system is working as it should. If you feel like you have not been farting lately, you might need to see a doctor.

6. The primary component of a fart is hydrogen sulfide which decreases any damage to the mitochondria. That means that taking in the smell is good for you.

7. While women don’t fart as often as men, their farts smell more because they have higher levels of hydrogen sulfide. That makes the air they produce better for their health as well.

8. Our farts are much faster than us because they travel 10ft/sec.

9. The tighter our sphincter, the more sound our farts will make because they cannot get out easily.

10. If you chew a lot of gum or drink many aerated drinks, it will probably increase the frequency of your farts.

11. We mostly fart while we are asleep.

12. Termites may be tiny in size, but they tend to fart more than any other living creature. Camels come a close second and are followed by zebras and cattle.





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